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Construction Companies CRM Software

Construction Companies CRM Software – Are you confused about choosing the best construction CRM systems available in the market? Let me guide you through this dedicated post to get a comprehensive analysis of ideal CRM software for construction companies. Make sure to walk along with the piece to soothe your query.

CRM for Construction companies

Today, each industry has a specific digital CRM system. The construction wing also falls under it. Most of the CRMs or Customer Relationship Management tools are multi-purpose. They come with a variety of specs and talents to handle a wide range of business applications, involving construction.

On the other hand, some CRMs are designed for a specific industry. They can’t be successfully launched into other domains. For example – a CRM for real estate can’t yield promising results in the pharmaceutical industry.

CRM Software for Construction Firms

Well, the construction industry isn’t among the firsts who adopt web-based CRM portals. But during recent years, a transform has appeared. The construction CRM systems have gained popularity among contractors. Today, 4% of all software is for construction works.

CRM implementation in construction affairs brings lots of advantages to the company involved. It helps users in projection management, client management, document management, and a range of other work requirements.

Why Do You Need a Construction CRM?

Why should you install a construction CRM system? The prime profit is improved customer relationships. The digital tool helps sales teams to enjoy a better interaction experience with clients. It results in more loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing, and more deals closed.

Furthermore, CRM ensures better collaboration amongst different departments. Using inbuilt project management tools, a CRM manages a record of your contacts, bids, invoices, and relationships with engineers, architects, and other project stakeholders.

How CRM Software Benefits Construction Companies?

To be clearer, let’s have a look at the rundown of some key benefits of construction CRM:

  • A construction CRM streamlines work processes like customer-facing communications, scheduling appointments, and more.
  • It helps in identifying sales trends. You will have a full review of your performing and sluggish sales campaigns.
  • An intuitive dashboard provides easy access to contract management, contact management, reporting, forecasting, etc.
  • Further, a good CRM for construction covers all aspects of the business. CRM automation streamlines your sales funnels to enable you to draft effective email marketing strategies.
  • Using a construction CRM, a contractor can keep track of work orders, deals, customer data, and quotes.
  • As it provides a centralized contact management system, you no longer need for frequent inter-team communications.
  • Moreover, an ideal CRM software helps a construction company in organizing, scheduling, and planning workflows. Hence, deadlines are met promptly.
  • Construction CRMs also work professionally as sales tools. Contractors come to know the type of customers they’re dealing with and their interests etc.
  • Integrated lead and sales management tools can help drive enhanced revenue with less overhead.

Best Construction CRM Software Systems (2020)

Now, let’s have a thorough analysis of the best CRMs for construction work.

A good construction CRM integrates good project management systems, third-party software integration, centralized data storage, efficient sales pipeline management, and lots of customization features.

WHSuites CRM

WHSuites is one of the high-rated construction CRM software that allows users to share files and plans and provides uninterrupted connectivity to remote devices.

Benefits –

  • A comprehensive platform with solid project, contact, and operational management features
  • Great reporting capabilities
  • Number of integrations
  • Customizable features
  • Mammoth storage for data storage
  • Integrates inbound marketing automation tools

WHSuites CRM is a perfect tool for all construction companies of all sizes.


It is the most widely used digital cloud-based CRM software by constructors globally. It has a user-friendly approach when it comes to centralizing people, devices, and applications.

Benefits –

  • Flexible system for professionals to manage multiple projects, teams, and stakeholders effectively
  • Offers full visibility on revisions with an in-hand document handling system
  • Manage snap lists, punch lists, and RFIs

An impressive tool for multitasking.


The ConstructionOnline CRM software captures tools to create fast, accurate estimates. It helps in tracking financial progress from start to end.

Benefits –

  • Quick customer support
  • Handles project management including tracking, scheduling, and estimates
  • Supports residential, specialty, commercial, subcontractor, and AEC applications
  • An easy approach to customers

The software has a moderate learning curve as a drawback.


Numerous construction companies use Cosential CRM software to grow revenue and win new business at minimum costs.

Benefits –

  • Offers secure data storage for marketing, sales, and support channels
  • Minimizes data entry with integrated accounting platforms
  • Widens knowledge database
  • Track customer information, leads, and opportunities
  • Manages project data, contacts, and personnel

It is a comprehensive software tool for all-in-one construction management needs.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM software brings 40+ products to help construction firms grow their business.

Benefits –

  • Effective management of leads, sales, projects, and accounts
  • Streamline sales processes
  • Tracking contractors, managers, and other stakeholders
  • Supports lots of construction-specific apps
  • Involves relevant 3rd-parties in project management
  • Includes email marketing, document storage, calendar, and reminder system

Zoho CRM ensures better project management and customer relationship systems.

HubSpot CRM

Organizations entertain automatic task management systems and efficient interactions with clients using HubSpot construction CRM.

Benefits –

  • Delivers a focused surface to monitor project bids
  • Let’s you organize contacts through different categories, such that suppliers, partners, customers, and stakeholders
  • Robust mobile app integration for tracking deals, bids, contracts

HubSpot CRM eliminates manual work to ensure an excellent sales management system.


To ensure better team communication, the TopBuilder CRM software provides an innovative, mobile-friendly, and cloud-based digital system.

Benefits –

  • Helps contractors and home builders through different processes
  • Automates work processes to manage leads, contacts and customers effectively
  • Gathers data and crucial information about partners, bids, opportunities, and much more
  • Excellent client management & contact management system
  • Integrates forecasting, time management, scheduling, and sales tracking
The Final View Point

Over recent times, there has been a boom in the construction industry across the globe. But it still lacks behind other industries when it comes to embracing CRM software solutions.

Well, this is changing rapidly now. With the astonishing demand for CRMs in the real estate industry, constructors are now more prone to implement digital tools.

Above, we have provided the best & industry-specific CRMs for construction companies. As a builder, you can go through to pick the tool adhering to your specific work requirements. It will certainly improve your business by streamlining your processes and workflows.

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