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B2B CRM Software in India

B2B CRM Software in India – Managing customers becomes a puzzle as your business excels further. When we perceive customers as a king, it stands to be more indispensable to take care of them with more concern. CRM is a perfect tool to help businesses at this juncture. This guide will emphasize B2B business CRM software in India that you can implement to ensure fruitful relations with customers.

B2B CRM Software

Not all CRM solutions are meant for all businesses. Each industry keeps specific organizational needs and requires dedicated software assistance accordingly. Further, CRM for B2B firms isn’t quite the same as it is for B2C companies. Though all CRMs serve the same intention of helping businesses streamline their sales efforts, there’s a difference.


A B2C CRM system is designed exclusively to manage the business needs of customer-facing firms. The sales cycles of B2C organizations are generally shorter but leads come in massive numbers. It becomes quite a challenging task for an individual to tackle these processes in the right form. This is where B2C CRM comes to help.

On the other side, a B2B CRM is a system specifically designed to cater to Business-to-Business companies’ needs. B2B companies are those firms that sell their products to other businesses instead of to an individual. For example – website services, insurance companies, IT services, etc.

How CRM Benefits B2B Enterprises? Advantages of B2B CRM Software Solutions

In the Business-to-Business scenario, managers come across an abundant volume of transactions with great value. Maintaining healthy relations with other organizations appears somewhat challenging. But a compatible CRM software for the B2B industry can ease the whole process in terms of the following ways:

  • B2B CRM helps in easier contact management. It allows staff to upload customer details to the database alongside getting important reminders, prioritizing activities, and lots more.
  • Further, a CRM system nurtures the leads and guides prospects through the sales funnel to make them ready for purchase.
  • You can track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns if you have well-integrated CRM in your B2B work climate.
  • Customer relationships also play an essential role in the B2B atmosphere. A good B2B CRM tool helps you nurture your customers from the beginning point.
  • Furthermore, an effective B2B CRM software allows companies to promote multiple products simultaneously. Using this digital platform, marketers can create highly personalized and automated campaigns to approach the target audience.
  • CRM systems can be integrated into various social media platforms. Hence, it helps B2B marketers in classifying their key clients according to their demographic or firmographic traits.
  • Likewise, an ideal B2B CRM is able to handle simpler and mundane tasks such as filling-up forms ad sending reports, etc. It allows the business to pay more attention to its primary business goals.
  • CRM updates data about transactions, inventory, price, etc. as soon as they happen. Ultimately, sales departments have up-to-date and accurate data quotes to send to customers.
  • A CRM creates a productive environment where sales and marketing teams work in alignment to achieve the common goal. Eventually, B2B firms witness higher conversion rates.

Top B2B CRM Software Systems in India

It is always crucial for B2B organizations to pick and install the authenticated and goal-focused CRM tool. Which is the best CRM for B2B companies in India? Here’s is a list of some renowned CRMs for B2B firms:

WHSuites CRM

WHSuites is a leading CRM software particularly designed for Business-to-Business enterprises. It performs lots of actions to smoothen your campaigns and streamline your prospects in the right direction.

In terms of functions, WHSuites B2B CRM can track unpaid invoices, build sales projections, show agent activity reports and issue quotes, etc. Similarly, it comes with online storage space, a call center, mobile CRM (iOS & Android), email marketing, and custom fields.

StrategicERP CRM

Secondly, we have a StrategicERP CRM solution that leverages the best technology to offer to B2B organizations. It is equipped to track the target audience and identify the lead sources with a comprehensive lead tracking system.

In others, StrategicERP brings better customer service efficiency, automated report scheduling, automatic call prioritization, better customization of products/services, and lots more.

Salesmate CRM

The B2B corridor needs a perfect and highly-nurtured CRM tool to manage a glut of leads at a time. Salesmate appears with hosting the best-in-class integrations to uniform your relations with customers.

Using Salesmate, you will close deals with streamlined sales pipelines. Further, it offers smart email tracking and templates and allows you to take quick actions with mobile CRM.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is quite popular in the B2B atmosphere, where enterprises look to streamline their customers through the sales pipeline. HubSpot allows you to manage your pipeline with total visibility and updated views of your entire sales funnel.

Furthermore, implementing HubSpot CRM brings lots of other perks to your B2B firm. You can schedule appointments, track performance against quotes, sort deals by names, amount & owner, etc.


Created by Freshworks, Freshsales Customer Relationship Management tool makes it easy for B2B companies to attract, manage, and close their deals.

Further, it has inbuilt phone and email, intuitive UI design, AI-based lead scoring, intelligent workflow automation, and customizable visual reports. Overall, it serves businesses with everything they need to handle their campaigns without juggling multiple systems.


Moreover, EngageBay is another great B2B CRM software to buy in India with rich features on the table. It provides a compatible platform to handle your customer relationships better.

It serves B2B firms with tons of other marketing, sales, and services automation features to boost your business. Additionally, it captures all the essential specifications to allow you to capture leads, engage them to convert them into final customers.

The Bottom Line

The B2B environment seems to be more complex against B2C when it comes to handling enormous leads on the go. An ideal CRM system can help you organize your customer relations more conveniently without affecting your marketing strategies.

The best B2B CRM software in India, illustrated above, covers the industry’s highly-proliferated CRM platforms. They come with a superior class of features to tackle leads and processes in this fast-paced digital world. Eventually, CRM matters a lot in the B2B industry and a wise choice can yield you exceptional outcomes.

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