We are a SaaS-based web application CRM that provides CRM solutions for several businesses. We know cancellation happens anytime. Sometimes it is due to the company shut down or sometimes for other reasons. As you know it requires time and investment in making the right software solutions. As a reward, we always want long-term association with all our customers.

For cancellation or refund, we don’t encourage this. As a SaaS, we know how hard it was for us to provide the right software that increased the team’s output and productivity.

So before enrolling yourself with our CRM, it’s better you follow the guidelines properly so that you can better understand things before making a purchase.

  1. WHSuites has a free trial option so before making a purchase and experimenting with the product you should be aware of all the features that are being highlighted on the features page.
  2. Team WHSuites CRM doesn’t force anyone into an annual subscription to use our services. We have provided flexible options for monthly or annual subscriptions and additionally, there is a free trial option as well. So before finalizing things kindly review your requirements check the detailed features that the software provides and make the right decision accordingly.
  3. In cases of upgrading or downgrading, we have a set of processes that our software follows.) If you want to downgrade your package then you need to keep in mind that the downgraded package will be activated on the billing cycle itself. For example, if your billing cycle is on the 20th of every month and you have downgraded your package on the 10th then it doesn’t mean it will be downgraded on the 10th it’ll be in the same process till the 20th, and on the 21st you’ll use your CRM as downgraded package features and leads.b.) For the cases of upgradation, things will be upgraded at the same time whenever you opt for the new package.

Important note: If there is any violation found like misusing the software we have all the rights to terminate your access to all the services. So, kindly use the software as per our terms and conditions.

 For questions, please e-mail: info@whsuites.com