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CRM For Immigration Consultants

Immigration Companies CRM Software – Choosing CRM for immigration consultants can solve 90% of the problems which you are facing. If you have different sources for lead generation and facing issues in managing then you can manage all your things in one place. Over recent decades, the immigration & visa consultation industry has witnessed staggering growth. Given the momentum of people migrating from one country to another, the scope for immigration services is widened expeditiously. Thereby, more and more visa consultancy agencies take birth every day to flood the market and competition rate.

CRM Software for Immigration Consultants

Because of the flourishing trend of migration, visa service providers encounter multiple entanglements while handling their candidate’s data and information. It becomes quite intricate to manage numerous candidate prospects, files, and other related processes manually. This is the moment when the need for an immigration CRM system comes to light.

What is Immigration CRM?

As we all know, CRM software is designed to cater to the needs of a conspicuous industry. There are many types of CRM systems for each industry, like Construction CRM, Insurance CRM, Real Estate CRM, Pharmaceutical CRM, Digital Marketing CRM, and many others.

But immigration CRM is particularly structured to meet various issues related to immigration and consultation. An immigration Customer Relationship Management tool is a digital & cloud-based software to manage clients’ details in a planned way. It allows users to store and process information systematically to make it handy for all the authenticated people involved.

Therefore, immigration CRM software helps authorities smoothen their workflows, close more deals, and of course, retain better customer relations in the long-run scenario.

Why Do Immigration Consultants Need a CRM Software System? Benefits of an Immigration CRM Software

A specialized Customer Relationship Management system helps organizations in multiple ways. Apart from maintaining healthy relations with clients, a CRM tool also concludes lots of other gains for pertaining firms. Let’s have a look.

  1. An immigration CRM tool allows you to manage the lead’s data and status. You can also add or drop leads and other apt details to follow the lead convincingly.
  2. The most considerable advantage of using this tool is that it reduces the paperwork to a great level. Ultimately, it enhances work efficiency and accuracy.
  3. In any case, it is possible to transfer the lead to other consultants or advisors to ensure the process’s continuity.
  4. Further, the CRM system can store all sorts of documents (medical certificates, visa applications, bank debt clearance certificates) digitally.
  5. With integrated SMS and email tools, a CRM alerts you of upcoming payments, pending fees, or other documents.
  6. CRM allows users to manage, edit, or add a new prospect as per needs.
  7. Using cloud space, CRM software for immigration stores crucial data over cloud storage. In case your data turn corrupted on the hardware, it will be safe on the cloud.
  8. You will have an overview of your client’s progress report by regular application monitoring and status.

Best Immigration Consultation CRM Software Systems (2020)

1.) WHSuites CRM

WHSuites CRM is the production of WHSuites, a sub-brand of WebHopers. It is a powerful cloud-based digital suite to cater to the modern requirements of immigration consultants.

Further, the WHSuites comes stuffed with lots of advanced protocols to aid your consultation prospects. Its easy-to-use cloud-based solutions and other performance-driven integrations uplift your team’s productivity. Similarly, it gives full insights into operations, focusing on aspects like sales, finance, and operations management.


CRIMS is another effective and cloud-based digital platform to manage your workflows in a streamlined way. It allows you to supervise and track the work progress of your prospects.

Further, CRIMS CRM for immigration services acquires new leads automatically. The inbuilt application management helps the transfer of leads to other consultants for smoother operations.

3.) Maple CRM

It is great customer relationship management software designed to ease out the complexities of workflows. You will manage the whole process in an orderly manner to ensure a smoother flow.

By configuring the entire application process systematically, Maple CRM promises pre-sales, workflow, automation, and tracking utilities.

4.) QuickImmigrant CRM

The QuickImmigrant CRM is a customizable tool, featuring manifold specifications to help immigrant service providers overwhelmingly. It allows users to fill out, update, and structure application forms for each client. It makes the application process speedy under a multitasking scenario.

Further, this CRM tool hosts multiple integrations, cloud storage, inquiry management, and some other result-oriented algorithms. You can monitor the application status, pending payments, fees, and other procedures in real-time.


An automated CRM system is indispensable for immigration agencies if they want to beat the competition profoundly. The contest is getting fierce day by day spawns the need to implement immigration CRM promptly. Eventually, it is the demand of the time.

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