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WHSuites - Lead Management Software

Key Features of Lead Management

Best in class where we can manage and track our all leads in one place. It is an open-source lead management software open source which can be used by any business industry. For
example, Small businesses, real estate , educational industry, Colleges CRM Solutions, Educational Organizations, Pharma CRM, IT companies lead tracking software, etc. The Price of LMS is very reasonable which you can get. So Hurry Up now & get the benefit of our customized Lead Management system.

Automate Leads Systems

Get rid of adding leads from different sources manually. WHSuites has inbuilt feature to fetch leads automatically from different sources like Indiamart, PharmaHopers, Leads From Website etc.


  • Automatically Lead Fetch
  • Save time of team
  • Fast lead updating in dashboard

Track Leads Activity

Track lead activity is the awesome feature of WHSuites. In this feature you can track the leads sources wise. Like which lead is generated through which source.


  • Easy to differentiate sources.
  • Easy to find most important lead sources.
  • Easily find the source with high conversion rates.

Manage Your Teams

Get rid of all the hassle of managing the big teams. WHSuites bring the most effective and easy to use hierarchy that can handle any team size.


  • Top level hierarchy. Manage team leaders, executives and other staff easily.
  • Assign leads team wise of staff wise.
  • Track complete activity of employee individually.

Bulk Lead Assignment

One more feature that WHSuites Lead management system has is assigning leads in bulk. So that you can save time in assigning leads one by one.


  • Easily select leads for bulk assignment.
  • Save precious time and efforts of your team members.
  • Increase team performance.

Bulk Upload Leads

WHSuites has not only automatic lead fetch feature but also has manual one. If you have leads in bulk on csv or excel sheet then you can upload leads in one go.


  • Drag and Drop facility for bulk upload.
  • Bulk upload leads and asssign to individual team members.
  • Time saving and Data saving.

Secured Application

Security Is the major concern which is faced in many lead management software. But WHSuites has the full security features that make it best lead management software like


  • No one can see the other leads in team.
  • IP based security is also available for premium members.
  • 100% secured.

Sales Revenue

Most of the time it has been noticed that it is hard for any team to check the complete team-wise sales revenue. But in WHSuites, you can check the sales revenue team-wise and employee wise.


  • Easy to check team wise sale revenue.
  • Easy to check employee wise sale revenue.
  • Easy to find source wise sale revenue.

Team Productivity

Team productivity is the major concern which almost 90% of organizations are facing nowadays. So in WHSuites we have taken care of this thing. Here are the features


  • Track complete activity of employee like meeting update.
  • Hot lead, Cold lead and dead lead concept also available.
  • Total calls/meetings status team wise. manager wise & individual.

Daily Sales Report

WHSuites Lead Management Software has the daily sales report feature that allows you to track the daily sales done by the sales team individually.


  • You can track individual sale executive performance on daily basis.
  • Increase the productivity of the team individually
  • Also the data is helpful in planning the individual incentives of the team.

IP Based Security

Our lead Management system have IP based security feature too. As we all know data security is the most important thing for any business. If you want that your WHSuites lead management software will be login in your office only then it can be done with this feature.


  • Easy to assign IP Address to access the backend panel
  • Highly secure.
  • Easy to maintain.

Duplicate leads Check

In WHSuites, you can also check duplicate leads.  If there are common sources and you have assigned leads for different team members. So in WHSuites they can easily check duplicate leads.


  • It saves time for individual team members.
  • You can also improve team performance.
  • It is also helpful in sorting the returning customers.

Location Tracking

Location tracking plays important role in monitoring the sales executive daily meetings. Without this feature it is hard for the manager to check whether the executive visited the meeting or not. After implementing this feature the companies’ sale increased by 2X.


  • You can track the exact location of the meeting.
  • Also, check the individual sales team discipline in the work.

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