Lead Management Software Features

Features of Lead Management Software

Here are the Features of our Lead Management Software

  • Product DataBase: ( Multiple Divisions, Category )
  • Distributor DataBase
  • Employee DataBase
  • Lead DataBase
  • Auto Fetch Leads From Email, Portals, Websites
  • Auto Assign Leads
  • Revenue – Employee Wise, Source Wise, Distributor Wise
  • Reminders
  • IP Bases Security
  • Cloud-Based Services
  • Divisions Filter
  • Area Occupied Filter
  • Lead Sources Filter
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Bulk Assign
  • Export Data
  • Import Data
  • Bulk SMS, Bulk Email
  • Permission Hierarchy Wise
  • Filters Like Hot, Cold, Dead, Repeat, Reorder, Mature, Old Customer, Products Etc

Other Enhanced Features

  1. -Manage All Leads from different sources in one place.
  2. -Automate Leads System
  3. -Track Leads Activity
  4. -Maintain Lead History
  5. -Manage your Team
  6. -Bulk Lead Assignment
  7. -Bulk Lead Upload
  8. -Lead Classification (Hot, Cold, Dead, Mature)
  9. -Call Reminders
  10. -Bulk SMS/ Bulk Email
  11. -Send Email’s to Customer with attachments
  12. -Analysis (Portal Wise, Employee Wise)
  13. -Total Revenue
  14. -Party Wise Sale
Reviewed by Customers – Rated:
5.0 / 5.0

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One place to manage all your leads from different platforms.

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