How Much Does it Cost to Build a CRM System

How Much Does it Cost to Build a CRM System – When business start and you have a list of 50–100 clients, Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel is enough to manage your relationship with them. However, as the business expands and new customers emerge, these tools will lose their effectiveness, and you will have no choice but to start using professional CRM solutions or to build a CRM system.

When we think of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, our mind immediately jumps to products like Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot. These CRMs are highly advance when it comes to their functionality.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a CRM System

CRM software products are of two types: SaaS and user development. The first option SaaS involves access to the CRM-platform through a paid subscription (from $ 20 to $ 7,000 per month), the second – the creation of its own CRM-system.

A business can derive enormous benefits with the use of CRM by primarily analyzing data about its history with a customer. This data helps them to come up with the best possible approach or processes that will further allow that organization to boost their relationship with customers and ultimately bring in more sales.

Today in this article we will briefly evaluate How Much Does it Cost to Build a CRM System based on open data from the Internet.

Advantages of Having your own CRM Software

According to various reports, organizations that leverage their own CRM software are able to experience a considerable percentage of growth in terms of sales, customer support, and marketing. Even CRM systems are also working for raising the sales conversion rate. However, one should learn the importance of integrating it into their business.

Before we give the information about How Much Does it Cost to Build a CRM System, let’s discuss the advantages of custom CRM solutions or having your own CRM Software:
  1. When you develop your own CRM system it allows you to adapt an application to the needs of a particular business you are in, while expensive, complex, and other SaaS solutions design for the mass user, that is, for superficial satisfaction of all possible needs of any types of business.
  2. Every business-main work is to collect and store information about clients. This may include personal data, contracts, contacts or company documentation, and so on. If one introduces CRM into its system, all of these functionalities are done on a single click. There are also other options like filtering, sorting, and grouping which users can employ to make their tasks more easier.
  3. The main advantage is that you get only the functions you actually need, which automatically saves time and money which you have to spend on staff training and CRM integration into your business processes.
  4. If you collect and use customer data in different applications, you might need to build your own CRM system. Integrate your own CRM with live-chat, call tracking system, email marketing solutions, and other services to simplify the task management process, automate communication channels, and synchronize all data stored at different places before.
  5. More complete integration, since the CRM software, is developed on the basis of a particular type of business, taking into account all its nuances and features (management hierarchy, number of employees and departments, and distribution of responsibilities, etc.).
  6. No compatibility issues and easy expansion of the system in your own CRM software, if there is a need to add new features.
  7. Full control over the database.
  8. Independence.

Different CRMs for different purposes

A CRM tool software can have different versions depending on the functionality which is offered. These different kinds of systems in CRM help in addressing issues related to your particular business at various levels. Continue reading to know more about the different types of CRM systems.

  1. Operational System: The main work of operational CRM systems is to zoom in order to meet an organization’s short term goals. It can also help in meeting objectives related to automating sales, marketing, and day-to-day business tasks.
  2. Analytical System: These types of CRMs software are built for analyzing the facts and figures of any specific consumer. It can also help in automating customer acquisition funnels, manage the retention and return of customers.
  3. Collaborative System: These types of CRM systems can aid a business in synchronizing all sorts of conversations that might take place with the customer across various channels via website, calls, social network, or email.
  4. Strategic System: The main aim of the Strategic CRM system is to build up a knowledge base by gathering all the required user data.

For the development of your own CRM software, you, first of all, need to define and know what features your business might need. Every company or organization has different goals and needs, so, at this stage, we always recommend focusing on your case and not repeating somebody’s else solution.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a CRM System (Average CRM system)

Developing a highly customized CRM system is very costly and only some organizations can afford these CRM systems. So, if you are the one thinking that getting an average CRM system can work for you then you should opt for that. Just take a look at the development cost for that.

  • It is important that you remember even though it might be an ‘average’ CRM system, there is still a lot of resources, planning, and hard work that goes into development. Hence, you should not expect it to come so cheaply. And according to various sources and reports, the estimated typical cost of CRM development services to be somewhat around $17,620.
  • Keep in mind that this is not a fixed price and this average cost of CRM development services can also vary from company to company based on who is providing you this service or according to the features you are looking for. In the next section, our readers will be able to know more about the cost to build your own CRM.

Prices of building a custom CRM system

If a business or organization is large enough and if it is growing at an exponential rate, then adopting an average CRM system will not work for you. The best way is to get customized CRM software that is specially made to match all the specific needs of your organization.

Customized CRM may cost you more than your estimates as it will be custom-made for your own company. And as per the current estimates and other reports, if you want to build a CRM from scratch then it could cost you anything from $94,800 to $696,000 However, a custom CRM development cost can vary depending upon the following factors:

  1. The number of access types or roles that you need. For example, it could be Admin, Supervisor, Manager, Affiliate, Head Manager, and others. All these roles given will have different access and options are available.
  2. Lead creation scheme. Any type of information can either be entered manually or automatically. For instance, an email can gather via the contact form on your website, and a phone number while ordering goods.
  3. Tasks setting and monitoring. Tasks may have different rules, contain labels, and attributes; follow up on deadlines, managers may have the ability to assign tasks, receive reminders, and so on. These features require additional time to start.
  4. Customer interaction reports. You can create your own CRM system with custom reports. A lead scoring feature can be enriched based on activity from social networks and other marketing channels.
  5. Integration with other services and systems. The development cost of this feature will always depend on the number and the complexity of the features your organization will adopt.
  6. Mobile CRM software access. If you need a full-fledged mobile application, the development time may grow by an average of 50-60%.

Main expenses to Build CRM Software According to Different Modules

The information we’ve provided so far, it’s possible to calculate an approximate cost of developing an operational CRM SaaS product. The cost of developing a custom CRM depends on which various modules will be included in it. Mandatory modules for most CRM systems for the organization include sales, marketing, and customer support. Let us see how much each development costs and features in them.

1. Sales module:

Almost all sales modules in modern CRM systems have the tools to analyze trends and market dynamics, manage the listing of current and potential customers, as well as develop sales plans. You can automate much of the work with clients and databases and make fairly accurate predictions of business profitability.

Features and Costs:

  • Accounts, Leads, Pipelines, Opportunities, Contacts, Tasks, Dashboard – $36,000 – $39,600
  • Sales Analytics: $8,000 – 9,000
  • Sales Planning and Forecasting: $8,100 – 11,700

2. Marketing module:

In the case of sales, the marketing module needs is to automate the management, control, and tracking the results of marketing campaigns.

Features and Costs include:

  • Marketing Campaign Management: $9,000-$10,800
  • Customer Segmentation: $8,000-$9,000
  • Marketing Analytics: $8,000-$9,000
3. Support module

High-quality implementation of the support module is the key to customer retention, as it shows them that you care about each of them and do not rely on single sales.

Features and Costs include:

  • Help Desk & Agent Console: $24,300-$31,500
  • Knowledge Base: $5,400-$6,000
  • Service Analytics: $8,000-$9,000

The calculations we’ve made will help determine the average cost to develop a CRM software according to the module, provided as a Software as a Service solution.

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